About Me

Call me Em/Emez, or I guess my government name Emely.
Los Angeles Made&Bred. DC State of Mind. Madrid Enamorada. 

It’s been 21 Veranos with giggles along the way.

Let’s talk Politics and Policy, Discover new historic sights.

I love to be a Netflix-Sunday burrito.

I dream about Nutella Crepes, Oreos and Mojitos.

This blog is my way of expressing how and why Madrid became and is important to me. I hope to use this space to document my pre/during/post time abroad including all the laughs, struggles and lessons that came with moving and living abroad. Each blog post is titled by a phrase I said, someone said to me or I came across.

I will soon be embarking on the third chapter of my relationship with Madrid and Spain. I will be studying abroad for my last full academic year. In the process completing my remainder Political Science courses and completing a Spanish Minor.

I am not a writer but however, to whomever finds/reads my blog, I hope you stay for the ride.

¡Vámonos a España!

Eating my 4th crêpe within the 24hours of being in Paris, while it was raining with the view of Eiffel Tower 01-15-17

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