I’ve Come Full Circle…

I’ve come full circle, I can die now. 

You’ve been to Paris before? 

No. You know full circle, like full circle in my dreams.

Coming to Spain, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t even know my program mates except one. I was so excited to be going to Europe for the first time, that I wasn’t bothered by not knowing anyone. After my roommate left, I only really had the boys to count on.

Slowly but surely, I started to get to know everyone in my class. But only five out of the 12 would really grow on me. It wasn’t until my first night out in Madrid, where we really bonded. After that, class felt more friendlier more homely. Granada and Paris would really tie these bonds and put them in stone forever.

I should probably make a special section on Kyle alone. Kyle was always drunk and always down to drink and go out. As it should be. Will always remember sleeping on the bus on our way back to the city and Kyle opening beers because, well because it’s Kyle. I could go on and on about I remember when’s, mainly with Kyle being drunk in all of them, but each and every one of them made my three weeks of Spain special to me. Spain wouldn’t have been as happy and exciting without them for sure. And so I thank them for that.

I wouldn’t want to be squished in the back seat of cab, almost die in a cab, cheer champagne, eat crêpes in the rain, have drunkcapades, spend my legal drink and goodbye week, reunite almost every month with, other than them. They truly make my heart feel whole every time we’re all together.

The moment we returned back to our first day of spring semester, it felt like it had been an eternity without them. In reality it had only been three days. Nothing is better than running into or having a class with one another and still reminiscing about our Spain days. You know, because once you study abroad for three weeks it becomes all you’ll ever talk about. Pulls out euros on hand. 

Although, this time I embark on a new adventure in Madrid without them, I couldn’t be anymore grateful for all the memories and laughter that we shared. I guess my new group of program mates, have some big shoes to fill haha. I’m sure I’ll be stickering them in to my snapchats, so they’re not too far away from me.

I can only hope that they next Full Circle reunion, takes place in the city that began it all, Madrid.

So this time, we can come Full Circle and mean it. 


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