Ahora es oficialmente Agosto! Que emoción, venga vamos! 

I can official count down the 21 days until I embark on my adventure in Spain. Woohooo!   I’m super stoked and excited to see what this year brings me. I have already started making contact with folks who are moving to Spain or already live in Spain. I can’t wait until I arrive and get off the plane at Bajaras. Like always, I’ll laugh at why it’s named the way it is. Since Adolfo Suarez was the first President of Spain…

I have so much anxiety and it’s a bittersweet feeling returning back to Madrid, especially after I felt the way I did the last time I said goodbye. But this will be a new chapter, a part three of what Madrid is to me. Eeeeepppp. I’ve been waiting five long months to be able to finally say it’s August and I can finally move to Madrid!!



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