“Y Lloran Cuando Tienen Que Marchar”…

It was finally time for our two day excursion to Southern Spain. We were heading to Granada, Spain in the Andalusia region. I was so excited to be seeing another part of Spain and being so close to the coast and Africa. Like holy crap balls.

I was on limited sleep and woke up in a hurry to head to Plaza de España. I thought I was the only one running late but to only discover that half my class was missing. Let’s just say it was Turnt Tuesday for everyone but muah. I spent the night seeing vistas and breaking wine corks. Once everyone arrived, everyone hopped into their own rows on the bus. It was a five hour drive to Granada that turned into eternity.

We stopped in La Mancha in an area within the city of Toledo. Only time I ever got to go to Toledo. Celestino and Dr. Gallego began their lecture on Don Quixote as we walked in and around the windmills. We also stopped at Cerro Calderico which reminded me of a fort. We went all the way up to the observatory part to look at the land from above. Three of us had to pee so bad, we split from the group to find bathrooms. Word of advice; always carry toilet paper or else feel free to use moist or have no toilet paper at all. We ended up having to wait in the front of the structure, since we couldn’t find the rest of the group. As we waited, a couple got out of their car and the man forgot to put his car in park. It started rolling on its own down the road. I couldn’t stop laughing, as I watched him chase his car down the road. #sorrynotsorry

The Windmills at La Mancha 01-12-17

We were barely getting into our trip and made another stop. Celestino provided us with cheese, sausages and bread to try as we glanced at a frame on the wall. The frame had a long piece of paper with the whole book of Don Quixote written on to it. We were finally back on the bus on our way to Granada.

Arriving in Granada, we checked into our hotel rooms and rushed downstairs for our walking tour. We walked through the streets as our guide pointed out different religion influences. We walked alongside churches, historic buildings and walked through mercados. Granada was breath taking and had a whole different vibe from Madrid. Felt a lot more relaxed and warm. Thankfully. 

After having dinner we were off to a Flamenco show. Let’s just say the best two fucking hours of my life. It was like I felt their tapping in my soul. We watched four dancers perform each to their own style, each with their own spray zone. You can’t go to Spain and not watch a Flamenco show. It’s a definite must! It was so beautiful to watch, that I rewatch my videos all the time. One of the girls danced so elegantly, so trained to hit every note with perfection. The other girl strayed away from trained and went more improv, to what she felt with the beat. Half way through her performance, her earrings flung off, hair came out of her braid, it was quite beautiful though. Following the performance we headed to an area that had they view of La Alhambra’s glow at night. Quite painful to walk as it’s a mission when the steps are cobble stones and long. Spain was made for leg day, everyday.

View of La Alhambra at night 01-12-17

Once back at the hotel, we all ended up crashing even though Kyle was trying to keep the party going. The next morning we were off to La Alhambra.

We arrived to La Alhambra bright and early. The tour took about two hours and once we finished we would be on our way back to Madrid by 6:30pm as scheduled. La Alhambra is a fortress and royal place. Essentially a city within a fort on top of hill above Granada. Each structure we walked into had exquisite details in every room. Some rooms had amazing views from top. In each part of the fort, you could see the difference between religions with decorations and carvings. My favorite parts of each building were the blue colored carvings and fountains. Our tour ended in the large garden which has a spectacular view of the city. After we finished up walked back down the hill towards the bus.

Once back on the bus, Celestino passed out papers with song lyrics on them. He proceed to teach us Viva España, which honestly is quite catchy. We all laughed as we sang along to the words. Five hours until Madrid, we all knocked out in our own rows. With Kyle sitting behind me, I heard the sound of a beer can opening. Kyle was drinking the remaining beers from last night. After a bit, I hear another can open. Kyle was definitely having a good time, that we had to stop early because he had to pee. We were halfway to the city, so we stopped to have some lunch and let the driver take his break. The building was like a resting area with some shops and a food court. We were all ready to get home.

I slept as much as I could the rest of the way. I had plans that evening and had to be up early Saturday morning to catch my flight to France. Integrating with Madrid traffic, we made it back to Plaza de España. We all parted ways, as I hurried down to catch the yellow train towards Legapzi to then catch the gray to Pacifico. I was extremely exhausted but looking forward to a night of fun and the start of craving my Nutella crêpes.

Can’t forget! 2 3 days until Madrid. 


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