I’m Going To Throw You There…

Four days in and I was traveling to my first city outside of the Madrid region. We were off to Segovia, Spain in the region of Castile y León, just north of Madrid.

9:30am was our call time to be at Plaza de España to make sure our bus left on time. Talía and I walked to Pacifico and transferred to Legazpi which would take us to the Plaza. We were greeted by our energetic tour guide/director Celestino. Thumb tap. “Animo Emely, Animo!” We hopped on the bus half full of eager but yet still strangers. Talía took the window and I sat in between her and Andrew. Once all 13 of us were in the bus, off we were to Segovia.

Segovia, Spain is about an hour and half away from Madrid and easily assessable through the buses. We just so happened to have a private bus to take us around when we had excursions outside the city. It was part of our program fees, thankfully. Driving on the freeway, we passed by the Valle de los Caídos which was a memorial site built dedicated to those who fought in the Spanish Civil War by Franco.

We finally arrived in Segovia, half asleep and cold. As we walked towards the city entrance, we couldn’t help but stare-gawk over the Roman Aqueduct. I’ve never seen anything so breathtaking and how small it made me feel. Now this what I was talking about, some really old historical stuff.


I don’t really remember much about Segovia, at least facts wise. We had a two hour tour  and then were released to go explore on our own until call time. I believe we had about until 3:30pm to return to the aqueduct. I think anyone who comes across Spain, should visit Segovia, it’s a beautiful city. The people are kind and seem to always be having a good time. Well I guess that’s Spain for ya It has tons of narrow cobblestones streets that were quite hilly. With little legs, it was a leg workout going back up certain streets. Plus I got to see my first castle ever. EEEEPPPP, I was living history ya’ll. 

Alcazar de Segovia

The Alcazar was a fort and residence for the Queen and King of Spain. One of the rooms you go through has the royal chairs that Queen Isabella I and Ferdinand II used. This was the monarch that brought the Kingdom of Spain together AND were parents to Catherine of Aragon which was King Henry VIII’s first wife. Love me some connection to King Henry VIII. 

You can go to the top of the Alcazar and see the view of green hills and in the distance the city. The day we were in Segovia, it was quite chilly with a ton of wind. We struggled walking against the wind, trying to keep warm within our coats and scarfs. So instead of taking our time to really see the view, we quickly took our pictures and rushed to get back to the main square where the wind wasn’t hitting as hard.

Our tour guide brought us Rosca de Reyes as the holiday was the next day. We all took a piece hoping not to get the baby. Nizinga got the baby in her piece and was given the crown to wear. Once in Plaza Mayor, we all split into groups and wandered off. It was Andrew, Kyle, Talía and I. We walked around trying to help Andrew find some souvenirs as I scarfed down my bland sandwich with jamón, queso y pan. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I was ALWAYS starving and the whole not being able to eat cheese anymore, hadn’t happen just yet.

Talía wanted food and I wanted a glass of wine, so we wander though the streets trying to find some place to sit and chill. We ended up at a bar where I drank wine and Kyle had a caña. We sat and talked about Talía’s departure and how she should have stayed. We eventually ended up at McDonalds trying to connect to the wifi. If ever in need of wifi, McDonalds always comes through for bathrooms and wifi and some chicken nuggets when you really need them. 

We had about an hour before hoping on the bus. So we decided to go to the top of the stairs by the Aqueduct to take more landscape pictures. I had my best friend’s dino to model (up until I lost it at El Museo del Prado). 


Once on the bus, we drove around the little city streets back to go view the Alcazar from the opposite side as it hangs on a hill. We took pictures and walked on a bridge that was above a little stream. We were all exhausted, cold and still pretty jet lagged. We finally headed back to Madrid, where everyone knocked out on the bus. We arrived in Plaza de España, where Talía and I headed back to nosotro piso en Pacifico. So exhausted, we both fell asleep the moment we got into our room and almost missed dinner. This was the first night in the few days of my arrival where I slept through the night. And in the morning, I hugged my roommate goodbye as I left to class and she left to the airport.


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