Sooooo, I Got Accepted To Study Abroad For Three Weeks…

So, in exactly three months I shall be on an airplane on my way to Madrid. Holy cow.

My whole entire life, I never had my eye on Spain. I had hopelessly fallen in love with England from the moment I cracked open Queen Elizabeth’s journal in the 4th grade. I always hoped that I could study and possibly move to London when I got older. I am a history buff at heart and I can only imagine my eyes with hearts all the time discovering parts of British history. But I gave this up the moment I decided I wanted to study abroad in Spain.

My university doesn’t have a semester long program unless you choose to go through an outside provider (more costly though). I had to weigh two important options, delaying my four year graduation plan or choosing another country. The opportunity arose to do an intense 4 week crash course on Madrid history, culture and their stance in the European Union. I applied for the Presidential Strategic Fund scholarship and submitted my application. If I was awarded the scholarship, I would make sure I’d get to Madrid. Some way, somehow I would figure it all out just like when I moved to DC for a semester. In October, I found out that I would be receiving the scholarship with 9 other students and awarded enough to pay for my tuition and flight. All I had to do was pay for program and spending fees. I saved up my money and applied for my first passport. And on January 1st, with 12 other students like myself, I boarded my first international flight across the pond to Madrid, Spain.

Grenada, Spain 01-13-17



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